Welcome to OpenToAll!
This guide is a starter pack for new members.
It includes instructions on :

  • the rules of the team
  • the philosophy behind OTA
  • some general resources to get started
OpenToAll is a community of 1000+ members. We only have 1 rule which every member must follow :

Be respectful to your teammates.
Our team uses a collaboration tool called Discord, a chat system similar to IRC, Zulip, Slack, Mattermost, Skype and more...
Discord is where all the communication happens. Depending on your interests, we have a Discord channel (room) for each subject :

  • Web : #web
  • Reverse Engineering : #re
  • Binary Exploitation : #pwn
  • Bug Bounty: #bug-bounty
OpenToAll even has channels dedicated to supporting the larger community :

Looking for a CTF team to play with? :

Looking for a new professional role? :
At OpenToAll, we try to do as many CTFs as possible on CTFTime.

CTFTime is essentially a large list of scheduled CTF events throughout the year.

If you want to know when the next CTF is, visit that website!
Lastly, OpenToAll tries to encourage learning as much as possible.

Many members play online wargames to improve their skills.

Here are a few that we use...
With that said, you should have everything you need to get started on OpenToAll!

Now use this invitation link to join our Discord!