Welcome to OpenToAll!

OpenToAll is a CTF community and team that is open to anyone to join. We strive to be a home for CTF players at all experience levels, a DMZ for CTF teams to congregate and connect, a community that allows anyone interested to get a taste for CTFs, and offer the members chances to mentor and be mentored.

Why be part of the team?

OpenToAll's primary focus is to encourage learning. Here are the core values that power OTA.

We are a learning-oriented community and team that is open to everyone.

Anyone can join OpenToAll, but you must actively participate to stay a member. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel you are contributing much. Being part of OTA and learning about an area IS contributing. You will get there if you stick with it. Don’t give up. We only ask that you try your best.

Show an interest in learning and challenging yourself.

Being the top team on the scoreboard has no real value. Expanding your knowlege and growing your skillset is the only metric that really matters.

Be respectful of other team members.

Don’t be a dick. Everyone is here to learn, and everyone has deficiencies. That’s okay! That’s why we’re all here!

Want to be part of the team?

Joining is simple :

  1. Read our OpenToAll guide here.
  2. Join the OpenToAll Discord Server! .